Start your Digital Marketing Course with Free Online Digital Marketing Training by COIM, We cover alomst every paid modules of Digital Marketing Course in Delhi, Which is paid and many Online Digital Marketing Courses charging alost 499 to 9999 for that online courses we are going to start this course with some major modules like website development, SEO, SMO and PPC etc complete list below available.

Modules of Free Digital Marketing Course In Delhi

1. Introduction of Digital Marketing Course

2. Website Planing and Creation

  1. Website Development on Wordpess
    (a) What is Domain and Hosting
    (b) How to Find Domain Name
    (c) How to Buy Cheap Domain and Hosting
    (d) How to Connect Domain and Hosting
    (e) How to Install WordPress
    (f) How to Install and Activate Theme
    (g) How to Install and Activate Plugins
    (h) How to Change Logo
    (i) How to Edit and Create Menu
    (j) How to Edit Website Sidebar
    (k) How to Edit Footer
    (l) How to Edit and Create Pages
    (m) How to Edit and Create Blog Post
    (n) How to Make Website SEO Friendly

3. How to Install and Activate SSL

Website Link for Free SSL:

4. Website Speed Optimization

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

On Page SEO
(a) How to do Competitors Analysis
(b) How to Find Keywords
(c) How to write content for pages
(d) What is Heading Tags
(e) What is Interlinking and Outbound Linking
(f) How to Check Page Speed
(g) What is Meta Tags
(h) How to Update Meta Tags
Off Page SEO
(a) What is Back-links
(b) How to Check Website Back-links
(c) What is Domain Authority (DA)
(d) What is Anchor Text
(e) How to Create SEO Sheet
(f) How to Create Back-links
(g) How to Check Keywords Ranking
(h) How to Create SEO Report

6. Facebook Marketing

(a) Overview of Facebook Paid Ads
(b) How to Create Facebook Page
(b) How to Create Facebook Page Like Campaign
(d) How to Create Website Traffic Campaign
(e) How to Create Lead Generation Campaign
(d) How to Create Shopping Campaign

7. Google Paid Ads (PPC)

(a) Overview of PPC
(b) How to Setup Google Ads Account
(c) Google keywords Planner
(d) How to Create Campaign

8. Graphics Design and Creation (Using Canva)

9. Bulk SMS Marketing

10. Bulk Email Marketing

11. How to Convert Website into Android Application

Website to Android Converter Application:

11. Freelancing

12. Google Adsense

13. Blogging

14. How to Create Reports

15. Interview Preparation

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